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We are located inside the Grizzly Family Fitness Center @ 1507 N Double B St, Palmer, AK 99645

Fearless Fitness is a personal development program that helps improve the health, wellness, and overall well being of all Alaskans!

Client Transformations

Faith over Fear has been my motto the past 5 years as life threw some big curve balls at our family. In August of this year I realized that my health had been put on hold. I felt tired, lethargic, overweight, my lung capacity was down and I was just struggling to find a balance. It was time to make some big changes… Although I was fairly active (hiking, walking, kayaking...) it was not to a level that was helping me. I needed something more. 

Enter Fearless Fitness and Faith Farris! Faith over Fear.
This is month 5 on my journey with Faith Farris and Fearless Fitness and I couldn't be happier with the results. We started with food journaling and activity logs. Then a fitness assessment and regular guided workouts, first individual then group. There were so many benefits to this for me that it is hard to even put it into words. I lost weight (over 40 pounds), I made new friends (always fun!) I have increased my stamina, strength and balance. My eating habits and hydration habits have improved. I am sleeping better and FEEL so much better overall. 

The team at Fearless Fitness becomes like a group of friends cheering on your personal success I went into this with so much trepidation and not very much confidence for results. Sometimes it is nice to be wrong! This is a lifestyle change for me. I have learned so much through this process that will be life changes for me. This was definitely one of the best decisions that I have ever made for my overall health. 
Fearless Fitness Personal Training & Group Fitness
Here is what you can expect by training with our amazing family!
  • ​Reduced Stress, Anxiety, and Inflammation!
  • ​Get REAL-TIME feedback on your progress with Myzone technology.
  • ​A JUDGEMENT FREE community of like minded individuals! 
  • ​Train ANYWHERE with Fearless Fitness Online!
  • ​Our program is great for ALL AGES, we customize your workouts for you!
MOVE your best, FEEL your best and LIVE your best life!
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Meet Our Team Members


Originally from Bethel, Alaska, I moved to Palmer and graduated from Palmer High School in 2019. Growing up, I did not have to worry about my body image. It wasn't until middle school, where things got complicated for a kid who simply just minded his own business. 

For the first time in my life, I was made fun of for my chubby appearance by a classmate. I went from someone who did not care about looking in the mirror, to someone who suddenly couldn’t stop looking into it.

It was during my Senior year that I decided to make a change in my life and take my fitness seriously. 

It was at this time that I decided I want to help people who struggle with their body image and become a personal trainer. I want to make myself proud and will always carry that version of myself with me as an example for people that it does get better.


I am a passionate about all thing’s health and fitness. My ultimate goal is to help people live their healthiest, happiest and most productive lives. I have had my own challenges regarding my relationship with nutrition and fitness. 

In the past, I have used exercise and nutrition as a means to an end while trying to achieve a certain idealized goal. Thankfully, I broke free of this repressive mentality and now view exercise and nutrition as a gift to our bodies that allows us to celebrate what our bodies can do. 

I was able to change my mindset to one of self-love with health-oriented movement and nutrition. I am so much healthier, happier, and confident, and I want to help you feel this way as well! I am dedicated to providing clients with the information, support and guidance that they need to achieve sustainable health inside and out.


I am the newest member of the Fearless Fitness Family! 

After graduating from Palmer high school, I went on to play 4 years of college basketball (Wenatchee Valley College and Warner Pacific College) while obtaining my B.S. in Health and Human Kinetics. 

After graduation, I started coaching girls basketball at Palmer High (this will be my fifth year of coaching). Most recently, I received my Masters in Secondary Education, as well as, my certifications in Personal Training, Nutrition, and Strength/Conditioning. When I’m not training or coaching, I am designing floral arrangements for my own small business, The Teal Door!

I have a passion for giving back to the community who gave me so much! Health and Fitness have always played such an important part in my life and I’m excited to help others succeed in their health journeys!


My name is Delaney Peters, I was born and raised in Northern California and moved to Alaska at the age of 14. All my life I have loved two things, being active, and helping people. Being a personal trainer beautifully combines them both!
I am passionate about total health of body, mind and spirit, and want to help equip others to manage their own. I believe that physical health is directly linked to and affects the mental, emotional and spiritual realms of health. Having struggled through poor body image and disordered eating in high school myself, I understand how vitally important it is to take care of the one body we are given. My goal is to help people gain confidence in who they are inside and out and become all that they can be!

Our "Fearless" Leader

Brady Dale - Owner/Operator

It is my life's purpose to impact, influence and save as many lives as possible. In December 2011, I was 17 years old and weighed 295 pounds. I was overweight my entire life, but this was a new low for me. I hated myself so much that I even contemplated taking my own life. I was so afraid of judgement, ridicule, and change that I believed everything would just be better if I was gone.

I’m not sure exactly what came over me that winter, but somewhere deep within my soul, I knew that God, life, or destiny had other plans for me. I decided that enough was enough. On October 26th, 2012 I lost over 100 pounds and became a certified personal trainer.

Since then, I have dedicated my life to helping other people “Live a life worth telling a story about” as coach Todd Durkin would say. Fitness saved my life and I know that through coaching I can save countless more.

I believe that FEAR is the number one reason we do not chase our dreams and reach our goals. I started Fearless Fitness in 2018 to create a community where people can go to change their lives in a safe, judgement free, positive and inspirational environment. 

Do not miss out on the opportunity to have your very own Personal Trainer!

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